See How It Works

On the Frontside you'll find our signature alloy buckle styles, designed and engineered in California, paired with a high quality belt.   Leather belts are made from Top Grain Leather,  and our Sports Casual Belts made of Durable Polyester Fabric and Synthetic Polymers.   


On the Backside of the belt, you'll find Sizes marked for initial cutting and a durable Track sewn into the belt that interacts with the spring loaded tab on the buckle. The track has 40 micro adjustment positions set just 1/4 inch apart. Compare this to a standard belt that has only 5 holes spaced one inch apart.


Just put on the belt, insert through the buckle and tighten to your liking to achieve your perfect fit.  When you want to release or adjust the size a bit, just pull the ergonomically designed tab on the bottom of the buckle.  Its that easy!  


And because there are no holes to wear out and stretch, you’ll never have a shabby look or unsightly belt kink again.    These belts is built to last and will be your GoTo Belt for many years and many journeys.